Canadian Dental Labs is Canada’s greatest dental laboratory group welcoming future dental laboratory acquisitions.

We take great pride in our expanding network of over 450 highly skilled team members who diligently serve more than 4,500 dentists. Canadian Dental Labs has established itself as a trusted market leader with leading dental laboratories in British Columbia, Ontario, and Atlantic Canada. Our commitment to excellence is evident through our advanced dental lab technology. Through innovation and technical leadership, we aspire to be a driving force behind the continuous improvement of the Canadian dental industry.
Dental technician polishing dentures.

Our Mission

is to change lives. Everyday, we work with our dental professional partners to restore the joy of eating and smiling.

Our Vision

is to be the most sought-after and respected group of dental laboratories in North America through partnerships, people, and technology.

Our Values


Honesty, respect, and trust are the foundations of every decision we make and everything we do


We strive to be  the best through continuing education and continuous improvement


We are committed to the success of our customers, our people and our company


We accomplish much more together as a single, driven family


It is important to us, both as individuals and as a team, primarily because happiness is really all there is

Why Join Canadian Dental Labs?

Cutting-edge technology

Canadian Dental Labs is a leader in digital dentistry – investing in the most current lab scanners, 3D printers, mills and design programs.

Amazing team

Our team is your team. We believe in growing the business through thoughtful investment in people, technology and partnerships.

Unmatched experience

Get comfortable collaborating with a management team who has a proven track record in dental laboratories and is recognized by top dentists across Canada.

Our Partner Network

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